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LED. To the point. Spot. In line. Lines. Light in the dark. Church. Consumer paradise. Museums. Inside. Outside. Living. Working. Field of vision. Pioneering. Unobtrusive. Signal. Orientation. Security. Concentration. Comfort. Coolness. Ambience. Efficient. Flexible. Robust. Gentle. B2B. Private. Experience. Excellence. ADO Lights.

Our idea

ADO Lights stands for success – and democracy. Because ADO Lights is the sum of years of experience. However, sharing knowledge is the credo of the 21st century.

Initially, our engineers developed individual LED solutions in the in-house light laboratory. These were used to illuminate architectural showpieces. Or exceptional works of art. The results were so convincing that the next idea was born: Making the existing know-how available to as many users as possible. This resulted in a portfolio comprising a variety of very different luminaires. All of them are based on state-of-the-art, proven technology. But one of the best features is that they are available in series.

This portfolio is an offer to builders, light planers and private aesthetes. Luminaires from ADO Lights can be used to provide effective illumination for any building structure. Including interior spaces, entrance areas, alcoves, glass display cabinets, work spaces or quiet zones. We can provide answers to any question. And the appropriate product.

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May Design Series 2014 ExCel London

May Design Series 2014

The UK's definitive international furnishings fair

London calling.

Explore us at the May Design Series 2014.

London ExCel, 18 – 20 May.

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Beautiful light for more turnover

Everyone looking for an optimum stage to present their goods and sales areas visited the German EuroShop exhibition in Düsseldorf, in Germany. At EuroShop, the world’s leading retail trade fair, ADO Lights presented a diverse range of lighting solutions: Distinctive in design and performance and also highly flexible. The LED Luc miniature spot is a particularly good example. Whether as an individual spot, arranged in a non-geometric pattern, or in a row of steles, it is always effective. The same applies when it is mounted on a cube or installed in a box. Due to its magnetic holding force it can be fixed to any metal surface, practically with one hand, ready for use within seconds.

Our LED Hayat model, which can be used as a pendant and recessed luminaire, – for example as a wall washer – also met with lively interest. Just like our LED Around, where the light can be directed in any desired direction, or our LED Linargo, a pendant luminaire in a highly minimalist design. And a very special eye-catcher: Our LED Lightline. Light planners use it to illuminate façades, to delicately emphasize certain aspects or to mark a given route. This fully encapsulated light ribbon is also suitable for curved shapes. It even works under water.

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