MHK Group European Headquarters


Charmingly emphasized flower beds!

This building thrones majestically over the approx. 6 ha large park landscape at the town entrance of Dreieich-Sprendlingen.

It is the new European Headquarter of the MHK Group which was completed in 2018! This modern and energy-efficient building was designed by the renowned Frankfurt architects Albert Speer & Partner.

Architect: Albert Speer + Partner

Photografer: Peter von Pigage

Photos: TTC Timmler Technology

In addition to offices, there is also a forum, restaurant, multi-storey car park and the aforementioned park. Of course, this must also be illuminated at night! This is exactly where our LED light lines made of aluminium come in. By offsetting the beds and light lines, beautiful and clear accents are set on the area. Thus, in interaction with the light which shines from the glass facade and the light courtyards, the whole area is pleasantly illuminated.

The result is a building that was designed with a view to the future.

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