St. Marien Church

Bonn Bad Godesberg

Guiding light

After some years ago the parish centre was rebuilt, the redesign of the churchyard followed last year. The small square between church and new building should not only be a place of encounter but also serves as pedestrian link to the Godesberg city centre.

The task was to equip courtyard and façades with a drainage on the one hand and to illuminate the public place on the other. Thus the façade drainage channels of the parish centre were fitted with in-ground luminaires which –placed at the façades posts – invitingly illuminate the purist building.

The contour illumination by LED LightLines integrated in the slotted drainage channels resp. the pavement edgings points the way to pedestrians crossing the churchyard in the dark.

Planner: 5b Bau- und Projektmanagement

Client: Catholic parish of St. Marien

Photographer: Peter von Pigage

Images: TTC Timmler Technology

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