On the art of illumination

The LED light line and the LED spacelight of ADO Lights combine art and architecture at the Heinrich-Heine-University in Düsseldorf. A sculptural-looking U-shaped staircase leads into the foyer of the medical faculty. The steel construction now received indirect lighting, which subtly traces its contours. An LED light line was installed over a length of 36.5 metres for this purpose. An elegant solution, designed and implemented by specialists from ADO Lights. The carrier material for the light line is an aluminium profile, which also accommodates the cable duct. Opaque encapsulated with protection class IP68, dust particles and moisture cannot harm this special design. It is functional, robust and yet very aesthetic: the light shines downwards and underlines the special nature of the staircase construction – without any dark zones at the joints.

ADO Lights developed a light sculpture for the chemical-medical institute of the university, which illuminates the staircase. Its shape is based on the high-quality, curved stair handrail. Mounted on the concrete substructure, a slim, black steel cladding then serves to accommodate the light sculpture based on high-performance LED modules. A cover made of satinised PMMA plastic ensures homogeneous, diffuse lighting. On each floor, the light circuit has a length of 19.5 metres and an intensity of 85,000 lumens.

Looking up at the sculpture creates a trompe-l’œil effect, as the lighting is repeated on each of the eight floors. The substructure is hardly visible, so that the sculpture with its white frame seems to float. The brightness is adjustable: It is dimmed by 50 percent after the end of lectures and can be reduced to 20 percent in the later evening hours.

Architect: Peter Mucha, Construction Department HHU Düsseldorf

Engineer: Markus Metternich, KMG engineering company, Cologne/Berlin

Photographer: B+E Photography, Düsseldorf, TTC Timmler Technology

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