KAI 8B, Düsseldorf

| KAI 8B, Düsseldorf |

An elegant eyecatcher

During the day, the monolithic, shiny black building appears restrained among the partly colourful, partly exalted buildings in Düsseldorf’s trendy Medienhafen. But at night, light and colour suddenly come into play.

The stairwell, for example, is not only bathed into light by the light lines attached to the flights of stairs, but even resembles light art when viewed from the outside.

The night-time façade lighting of the glass cube also comes from inside. For this purpose, the convector shafts behind the glass façade were covered with homogeneous TTC linear gratings, which correspond to the covers of the external façade gutters over all floors, and were also combined with LED ConLights. The luminaire inserts, mounted flush between the linear gratings at each of the façade joints, are each equipped with three LEDs in RGB and covered with glass so that they can be walked on.

Architect: Structurelab, Düsseldorf

Photographer: Ralph Richter

Photos: TTC Timmler Technology

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KAI 8B Düsseldorf

Press: LICHT 04.22 – Kai 8B

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